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"Thorwald Jørgensen sets a new standard for the theremin" Parool (review of Air Électrique)


“Air Électrique proves that the theremin can stand on its own as a solo instrument” Cultura Commestibile (Italian review of Air Electrique)

“Tastes like more” Piano Bulletin (review of Air Électrique)

"It's nice to hear how controlled and carefully Jørgensen and Bystrova of this music without ever having to fear for ghostly sounds or plaintive wails." Musicalifeiten (review for Air Électrique)

"A musical highlight of the evening was Thorwald Jørgensen and his theremin" Trouw (review on his participation at the Dutch Bach Festival)


“Thorwald gives a string-like quality to the sound, with perfect control over pitches that he literally plucks out of thin air.” Ottawa Citizen (review on recital at Music and Beyond festival)


"Thorwald enchants audiences with his theremin" Noord Hollands Dagblad (review on Recital at the Amsterdam Hermitage)


“A must see!” O-Globo (on performance at Rio de Janeiro Harp festival)


“Virtuoso Thorwald Jørgensen who yesterday alongside the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra gave a unique performance. What we saw and heard was magical. This wasn't a concert, it was a revelation! ” CyBC Radio (review on concerts with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra)


"Playing in thin air, but Jørgensen did it ever so refined" PZC (review on solo performance with the Zeeland Symphony Orchestra)


"Thorwald brought high-minded seriousness to his performances with a virtuoso’s commitment to craft and artistry" (review of New York Recital by "Off the Air" Radio)


“A world class thereminist” El Mercurio (describing his performance at Festival Electromagnética in Santiago, Chile)


“Thorwald Jørgensen is a highly accomplished player, operating his difficult instrument with admirable concentration and accuracy.” Musicologist and critic Thea Derks on his performance at Jørgensen’s solo composition ‘Distant Shores’


“Dutch Theremin specialist Thorwald Jørgensen was the star of the performance” Boston Globe (review of concerts with Boston Philharmonic)


“Thorwald Jørgensen was a standout soloist” Boston Musical Intelligencer (review of concerts with Boston Philharmonic)

"Powerfully Illustrative" Bachtrack - The Classical Music Website (review of concerts with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic)


“Jørgensen showed the full potential of his instrument and was rewarded with an overwhelming applause” Türkiye'nin Kültür Sanat Portali (review of concerts with the Presidential Orchestra of Turkey)


“Most impressive was Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” - Jørgensen’s remarkable hand dexterity makes this the most convincing and bee-sounding version of this piece that I’ve heard!” The Whole Note (review solo recital in Ottawa)


“After the final piece Thorwald Jørgensen and the Bursa State Orchestra received cheers and a long standing ovation” Konyaninsesi Gazette (review concert with Bursa State Orchestra)


“He Tenderly awoke a magical landscape” Der Patriot (review of performance in Lippstadt, Germany)


“One of the greatest thereminists in the world” Easy News (review of performance in Lucca, Italy 

"The world-famous virtuoso Thorwald Jorgensen along with the Eskişehir Symphony Orchestra gave an unforgettable evening to the people of Eskişehir" Sakarya Gazetesi (review of performance with the Eskişehir Symphony Orchestra) 

"The evening began with a spectacular opening show in the big hall of Paradiso, Amsterdam with an impressive theremin solo by Thorwald Jørgensen" Maestro Music Today (review of performance during Klassifest 2018 in Paradiso, Amsterdam) 

"After his performance with the Antalya Symphony Orchestra theremininst Thorwald Jørgensen received a standing ovation" Hürriyet (review of performance with the Antalya Symphony Orchestra)

“His command of the instrument clearly reflects mastery” San Francisco Classical Voice
(review of performance with the Friction String Quartet in San Francisco, USA)

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